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Who said chocolate is a forbidden fruit? At Funky Chocolatier I make sure chocolate is HEALTHY, WHOLESOME and DIVINELY DELICIOUS! Yes, here you can indulge in chocolate guilt-free.

Fall Flavour Profile Coming in September

TASTER BOX - 8 truffles: $20


ADDICTION BOX - 12 truffles: $30

Next batch coming in September!

Stay tuned for NEW flavours! Pick up is in Midtown.* Since these are handcrafted small batch chocolates, designs and shapes may vary. Let it be a surprise! 😊

Lemon Crunchie

It's creamy, it's crunchy, a smooth lemon infused white chocolate ganache with oven roasted crushed almonds enrobed in dark chocolate. A flirt for your taste buds.

*Also available nut-free

Matcha Marzipan

Light and nutritious! A handmade marzipan filling loaded with antioxidants such as almonds, honey and Japanese matcha. This blend is simply a match(a) made in heaven. 


Apricot Noir

Inspired by the Austrian Sacher cake, this truffle comes with a dark chocolate ganache and apricot jam. Sweetened with apple juice and dates, there are no added processed sugars or preservatives. Simple guilt-free Indulgence! 

*Dairy-free, vegan friendly

Cassis Noir

Similar to the Apricot Noir, except with a wholesome blackcurrant jam, loaded with antioxidants and high in vitamin C, this truffle is a perfect boost for your immune system.

*Dairy-free, vegan friendly

WHOLESOME Ingredients

I use Organic Fair Trade couverture dark & white chocolate, minimal sweeteners and MAXIMUM FLAVOUR. My chocolates are loaded with healthy fats, omega-3s, only natural sweeteners and wholesome ingredients. You can be proud of what you're consuming!

FRESH Promise

Fresh always tastes better!
Made fresh for each order, chocolates must be kept in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, and consumed within two weeks. TIP: chocolate should always be enjoyed at room temperature!

Meet your Chocolatier

Meet Lusine, your funky chocolatier!

Hi there, I’m Lusine! My passion for crafting chocolates began in 2018 when I saw the movie ‘Love, Romance & Chocolate’, taking an American woman to Belgium to explore the art of chocolate. The movie truly inspired me to create my own European chocolate adventure. I spent a month researching and creating my own 10-day chocolate tour to Switzerland - a chocolate dream come true!

During my trip, I visited Swiss chocolate factories and museums, and I learned how to create and indulge in chocolate with all five senses directly from local experts. Then it was time to practice, practice, practice.

Making chocolate requires lots of patience and precision, but there is also lots of room to be creative, and that’s what I love the most - the creative aspect of chocolate making, combining interesting flavours, and painting truffles into little pieces of art. My goal is to create a healthy line of truffles and chocolate bars that can be enjoyed guilt-free on your next special occasion. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I do my best to infuse my chocolates with a healthy boost of yummy nutrients and a shot of happiness. Enjoy!

The Customer is Always Right!

"OMG, I can't stop eating these! They're so good, I honestly didn't want to share with my husband."

- Kerry

"LOVE love love your chocolates, Lusine! They're so pretty and delicious. You're an artist!"

- Maria

"WOW, I have no words to describe the party in my mouth. Especially the coconut bliss is my fave! "

- Debbie

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